Silver Bullet Non-Sanded Grout, 5lb bag

Silver Bullet Non-Sanded Grout, 5lb bag

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How much grout do I need?

The amount of grout you will need depends on the chip size of your mosaic tile. The larger the chip, the less grout you will need to cover each square foot of tile.

Here’s a helpful chart that will show you how many square feet each box of grout covers. One 5 lb. bag of grout covers:


Find your chip size, then do the math:

(Total Square Footage) ÷ (Grout Coverage) = How Many Bags of Grout to Order


1"x1" Mosaic 17 sq. ft. 
1"x2" Mosaic 23 sq. ft. 
2"x2" Mosaic 33 sq. ft. 
3"x6" Mosaic 60 sq. ft. 
12"x12" Mosaic 40 sq. ft. 
12"x24" Mosaic 62 sq. ft. 
24"x24" Mosaic 100 sq. ft. 
  • Ideal for narrow grout joints, 1/8" or less. Use on walls and floors for grouting marble, glazed wall tiles, ceramic mosaics, as well as semi-vitreous tiles. Meets ANSI 118.6 with water and ANSI 118.7 with Multi-Purpose Acrylic.
  • Final installed color may vary with the variety of tiles, tile porosity, jobsite conditions and finishing techniques. Uneven drying conditions can casue shade variations and/or blotching.