We love using patterned tile to bring unique personality and design to a space. The beauty in patterned tile is you can use them in almost every location. From the laundry room floor, shower accent wall, or kitchen backsplash the sky is the limit. Patterned tile comes in a variety of materials from porcelain and cement to marble and ceramic. Here are a few of our favorites right now.

Royalty 18" x 18" Ceramic Patterned Wall & Floor Tile
Royalty 8×8 ceramic
Norwalk deco blue 8×8 Porcelain
Moroccan Handmade Cement Tile. 8inch x 8 inch Floor & Wall image 9
Moroccan handmade cement tile 8×8

If you’re considering a patterned tile, let it be your hero piece. Try to avoid using other bold finishes in that space so that you can create a cohesive design instead of clashing one. Use your patterned tile “hero” as inspiration for the rest of your selections but allow those finishes to be supportive secondary colors.

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